About Incredible Kitty – Our Story

IncredibleKitty.com is the ultimate resource for loving cat parents, who want to provide the best care for their cats. We care about the well-being of these wonderful pets (and their owners). Our founder, Steven Thomas, created this website after experiencing many cat problems.


  • Managing litter for many cats
  • Felines bringing home mice and other small animals
  • Flea infestation (and needing to replace carpet throughout)
  • And unwanted behavior such as scratching at doors and crying at night

That is why IncredibleKitty.com was built – to be the #1 guide to creating an incredible life for you and your kitty.

Meet Our Founder

Steven & Fij
Steven & Fij

Steven Thomas – Chief Editor, Founder

Steven has been studying cat behavior ever since adopting two stray kittens in 1996. After rescuing many homeless cats over the years, he developed the skill of finding new homes for cat lovers seeking to adopt.

During his time caring for different cat breeds, he faced many challenges most cat parents wish to avoid.

Steven started IncredibleKitty.com to share his ingenious solutions to these common cat problems and his love for these mysterious creatures.