9 Best Cat GPS Trackers in 2020

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Cats are extremely curious by nature.

They might wander off your backyard, only to find themselves lost in the vast neighborhood.

Thankfully, the solution is rather easy. A simple tracker should help you keep tabs on your cat with the least effort possible.

In this article, I’ll review 9 of the best cat GPS trackers currently on the market.

Let’s take a look.

Best Cat GPS Trackers at a Glance

The 9 Best Cat GPS Tracker Reviews

How does every tracker perform? How long can the battery last for? Is the design comfortable enough for cats? These are some of the questions that I’ll answer in each of the following reviews.

1. Findster Duo Tracker – My Top Pick

Many GPS trackers depend on cellular data.

This means you’ll be burdened with a monthly subscription, plus there are also geographical restrictions that might hinder the tracking process.

That’s why I like the Findster Duo+ Tracker.

This tracker comes as 2 modules. You hook the first to your cat’s collar and leave the other hanging in your keychain.

These modules will communicate wirelessly within a whopping 4.8 km radius!

As you can tell, this technology can work virtually anywhere, regardless of how remote it is.

Best of all, the Findster app can let you directly share your cat’s data with friends and family without any additional fees.

Most of the Findster Duo reviews praised this perk since it allows for a faster response whenever your cat exists outside the allocated safe zone.


  • Doesn’t require a monthly cellular subscription
  • Excellent range
  • You can share the tracking info with family or friends


  • A bit larger than other trackers
  • Expensive

2. PawTrack GPS Tracker – Runner-Up

No matter how sturdy the tracker is made, there will always be a small chance of accidental snapping off the collar.

If you’ve encountered this problem before, you should consider upgrading to PawTrack.

The PawTrack module comes pre-installed to its own robust collar. Surely, this collar can be easily adjusted to fit the exact size of your cat’s neck. After checking the PawTrack reviews, I couldn’t find any complaints about stability.

To give the best value, this tracker comes with two detachable batteries. When the first runs out, you don’t have to leave your cat unmonitored; just plug in the second and you’re good to go! I only wish those batteries could last longer than 2 days.


  • Comes with two detachable batteries
  • Sturdy design with exceptional stability
  • Can be finely adjusted to fit your cat


  • Small battery life
  • Quite expensive

3. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker – Budget Pick

Do you own more than 2 cats? If yes, I think it might be too much for your budget if you opted for my top pick.

In that case, you can consider a more affordable tracker like this one from Tractive.

This tracker provides acceptable features and performance for the money. It updates the location every 5 minutes under normal mode to save battery. But you can ramp up the rate to 2-3 seconds while you’re actively searching for your cats.

If your cat is lost in the dark, you can remotely activate an LED in the tracker to make the process easier.

Unfortunately, the Tractive reviews came quite dissonant. Some people had major problems in connectivity. They said the app can take about 30 minutes before it can successfully pair up with the tracker. This is quite expectable when you know that it sends data via a 3G cellular network.


  • Affordable
  • The app can alarm you when the cat exits a specified safe zone
  • Comfortable build for the cat


  • Inconsistent connectivity

4. Whistle Go Explore Tracker – Best Value

If you don’t mind investing in a quality tracker, you should definitely opt for the Go Explore from Whistle.

The thing I like the most about this one is the battery life. According to Whistle, this tracker can last for 20 days under moderate activity. If your cat tends to go on feisty adventures regularly, the battery can still deliver acceptable performance for 3 days.

The Whistle GPS reviews were generally happy with the extra perks shipped alongside the tracker. For starters, you’ll receive two attachments: a snap-on-collar and a hook-and-loop. This can make your cat a lot more comfortable while wearing the tracker.

Being rated IPX8 for waterproofness, this tracker can withstand brief submerging underwater with a depth bigger than 1 meter. Although cats naturally hate water, this perk can still be valuable if your cat accidentally slipped into a pond.


  • Excellent connectivity
  • Versatile attachments
  • Huge battery


  • Quite expensive

5. Weenect 2 Cat Tracker – Largest Range

GPS tracking supposedly gives the best accuracy and the largest range when compared to Bluetooth and radio waves.

However, when you get to distant areas with limited cell coverage, performance drops drastically. Lucky for us, Weenect was able to solve this issue.

The Weenect tracker uses an international SIM card that can connect to the cell service of multiple operators. They claim that their coverage can be efficient 99% of the time.

Sadly, Weenect doesn’t support the US until now. Their current list of supported countries includes most of Europe.


  • Wide coverage in distant areas
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight build


  • It doesn’t support all the countries
  • A bit expensive with the necessity of a monthly subscription

6. Girafus Cat Tracker – Best Lightweight

Some cats can be picky with what they accept on their collars.

If the tracker is heavy, your cat will probably keep scratching it with his paws until it snaps off. If that’s how your cat behaves, you should find the best value with the Girafus tracker. With a weight of 0.14 oz, your cat will barely feel it.

The reason behind that exceptional weight is the tracking technology. The module that attaches to the cat’s collar sends data to your controlling module through radio signals (RF). Surely, such technology will have a smaller range. But with a radius up to 1600 feet, it actually excels over most of the other RF trackers.

On the downside, this tracker doesn’t have a smartphone app. Although this limits the tracking potential to some extent, it saves you some bucks.


  • Super-lightweight
  • Doesn’t require a monthly data subscription
  • Affordable


  • Limited range
  • No smartphone app

7. Loc8tor Tabcat Tracker – Best Design

Most of the Tabcat reviews are extremely happy with the sleek design. The cat module comes as a small circle with a diameter of 30 mm. The compact build is also lightweight with only 0.2 oz.

Just like the Girafus, this tracker communicates via RF signals. However, its range is a bit shorter. With a maximum of 400 ft, you might be forced to search for your cat on your own before the device picks up a signal.

The thing that was praised the most in this tracker is how it can remotely communicate with your cat. In the handset module, you can press a button to activate a beep on the cat’s collar module. This can be a handy way to call your cat for food.


  • Attractive, sleek design
  • Low battery consumption
  • Comes with a splash-proof case


  • Limited range
  • No smartphone app
  • A bit expensive

8. Cube Pro Tracker – Most Versatile

How about a cat tracker that can also find your lost keys and phone? If that’s something you’re after, consider getting the Cube Pro.

As the name implies, the Cube Pro comes as a square-shaped module that can be attached to your cat’s collar with a keyring. Through Bluetooth connection, you can recognize the module’s location on the smartphone app.

If your cat doesn’t need it, you can attach the module to virtually anything else like your keys or wallet. From the app, you can press a button to sound a loud alarm on the module. That could be handy if your wallet was stolen while walking in a crowded area.

Just like most of the Bluetooth trackers, the Cube Pro works via a CR2025 battery. The manufacturer claims that the battery should last for about a year. But some of the customer reviews said the actual period is much shorter.


  • Highly affordable
  • Versatile application
  • Attractive, lightweight design


  • Limited range

9. PawScout Tracker – A Notable Mention

I couldn’t finish my roundup without reviewing the unique PawScout tracker. Instead of GPS, this tracker connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. That said, it won’t be that effective for tracking your cat outside your yard at most.

However, if your lost cat was lucky enough to bump into another PawScout user, the tracker will automatically connect and send its location to you. Such a cool perk, but it’s still not that dependable for serious situations.

If you decided to get it, I’d recommend downloading the app beforehand. This way, you can have an idea about how many neighbors are using it and, by extension, how effective the community will be. On the positive side, this tracker is fairly affordable, which was an essential plus in most of the PawScout reviews.

Inside the app, PawScout will suggest nearby veterinarians, daycares, and parks where you can spend time with your furry friend.


  • Affordable
  • Has a continuously growing community
  • Large battery


  • Limited range

What to Look for in a Cat Gps Tracker

The industry of pet appliances is getting bigger than ever.

You’ll find dozens of models that should make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

However, this very advantage can also be a downside.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might get lost between the endless brands out there. I’ll discuss the basic criteria you need to bear in mind before getting a cat tracker.

GPS Isn’t the Only Option

GPS trackers usually refer to all the types of cat trackers since this is the most famous technology.

However, you might actually end up opting for the alternatives after knowing their benefits.

GPS: Pricier, but More Efficient

GPS is commonly used for two reasons. It covers the biggest ranges with the best accuracy.

However, since the pet module communicates with the smartphone app via cellular data, you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription.

This gets especially inconvenient for those who own 3 cats or more. Needless to say, the tracker itself is pricier than the average.

Also, due to the complicated hardware, GPS trackers tend to be the heaviest. Some cats keep hitting them with their paws until they snap off.

Radiofrequency (RF)

Radiofrequency is generally valued by people living in areas with poor cellular coverage.

The working principle is simple, but not that convenient. The pet module sends radio waves to your handset receiver. When you go searching for your lost cat, the receiver will beep when the cat gets within its range, which is typically between 500 to 1000 feet.

When you get closer to your cat, the beeping will get stronger. As you can tell, searching in a wide area can be extremely challenging with such a limited approach.

On the positive side, you don’t need to pay for any additional subscription.


Bluetooth trackers would be excellent if you want to know where your cat hides inside your home or backyard.

But if he gets truly lost, its incredibly limited range will turn the process into a dreadful ordeal.

But to be fair, this fact might change in the near future. Some brands, like PawScout, are creating an online community. If your cat gets lost, you can register his tracker ID on the community. If your cat entered the range of any PawScout user, the app will instantly send the location to your phone.

Get a Large Battery

It’d be absurd if the tracker dies while you’re searching for your cat.

Most of the commercial trackers have batteries that could last for 3-5 days in the normal mode. The Whistle Go raises up the bar with up to 20 days of battery life.

You can generally prolong the battery life by decreasing the tracker’s update rate when your cat is safe in your home. Instead of sending the location every 5 seconds, set it to send every 10 or 20 minutes.

If you opted for a Bluetooth or RF tracker, you’ll probably run them on replaceable batteries, mostly CR2025. Personally, I don’t think this is safe enough. You can’t know when and where the battery would die.

Get a Waterproof Build

Unlike dogs, most cat appliances don’t consider being waterproof.

However, this feature will certainly come in handy if your cat accidentally dropped in a pond while roaming the neighborhood.


After my thorough research, I can say that Findster Duo is the best cat GPS tracker.

It works via a unique, patented wireless technology that has a radius of 4.8 km!

If you want to save some money, consider the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker. It doesn’t offer the best accuracy, but the remotely-activated LED can be super-helpful while searching in a dark environment.

The Whistle Go Explore Tracker should be your best bet if you’re searching for the ultimate performance. Its huge battery can last for 20 days, which is absolutely rare.

I wish your cat the happiest, safest life!

Steve is a blogger with an unhealthy cat obsession. He enjoys reading non-fiction books, cooking and cuddles with his cat Fij.

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