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Contrary to the common belief, some cats do enjoy going for a walk.

They might not be as excited as dogs, but they surely appreciate seeing and smelling new stuff, too.

When it comes to safety, cats and dogs share the crucial need for a harness.

It gives you the ultimate control without being too strangulating for them.

In this article, I’ll review the 5 best cat harnesses that went super popular in 2020.

Let’s get going.

The 5 Best Cat Harnesses Reviews

How much support does every harness give?

Does it feel comfortable for the cat? Will the stitching snap off when the cat tries to escape?

These are some of the questions that I’ll answer in each of the following reviews.

1. Rabbitgoo Cat Harness – Top Pick

Don’t let the brand name fool you. In fact, the Rabbitgoo harness is the current Amazon’s choice in that category.

The first great thing about that harness is the materials. Instead of a solid back, Rabbitgoo placed a generous breathable mesh. That should leave your cat cool and relaxed during the most stressful situations.

Thanks to its minimal design, putting it on couldn’t be easier. You just have to place it over your cat’s back, clip the 2 side buckles, and you’re good to go!

The overall build of this harness is made with special attention to durability. Its nylon straps are attached to the main body with reinforced stitching, which should be especially helpful for feisty cats.


  • Attractive, comfortable, and breathable design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Suitable for small cats


  • A bit pricey

2. Puptech Adjustable Cat Harness – Budget Pick

I don’t need to tell you how picky cats can be, right? No matter how comfortable the harness is, some cats just won’t accept it. If pickiness is usual for your cat, I think you should opt for an affordable harness as a test. If he didn’t like it, it’ll be less painful to toss it in the attic.

For that matter, I recommend the Puptech harness. It adopts a minimalist approach by incorporating 2 nylon straps only. Each strap has its own adjustable buckle to perfectly tailor it to your cat’s size.

As a side note, most cats tend to prefer strap-based harnesses over closed vests. Not only does it feel freer, but it’s also a lot easier to put on and take off.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Equipped with 2 adjustable straps


  • Can’t withstand cats heavier than 12 lbs

3. Yizhi Miaow Escape-Proof Cat Harness – Best for Kittens

As you might already know, cats should be trained while they’re still kittens if you want to yield the best, fastest results. But you have to pick a harness small enough to prevent those mischievous babies from breaking free. If that’s what you need, you should consider the Yizhi Miaow harness.

The XS size is created to match kittens between 2 and 4 lbs. Size-wise, your kitten should measure 8”-10” at the chest and 6”-7.5” at the neck.

To deliver the best value, this harness comes with a free leash. The harness itself has 2 attachment rings over the back, one toward the neck while the other sits on top of the chest.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • Comes with a free leash
  • Secure enough for kittens


  • The large sizes might be too small for adult cats

4. Best Pet Supplies Voyager Step-in Air Harness – Best for Large Cats

People who own a large cat know the struggle. Whether your cat is naturally big or he has put on some pounds, it’s often hard to find products that fit. That’s why many owners choose specific dog harnesses as alternatives.

The Voyager is primarily intended for small dogs. But the majority of the Amazon reviews reported that it worked just right with girthy cats. The XL size measures 21”-23” at the chest and 14”-18” over the neck.

To enhance durability, the manufacturer opted for a thick mesh-lined vest that tightens by a buckle stitched over the back.

I appreciate the fact that this harness comes at an affordable price despite having all these cool perks.


  • Lined with breathable mesh
  • Easy-to-use step-in design
  • Affordable


  • The stitching might be a bit weak

5. Bingpet Cat Harness – The Cutest Design

Who said harnesses have to be colored in boring black? You can find designs that reflect the vibrant personality of you and your furry friend. Take the Bingpet harness for example. It comes with an incredibly cute pink fabric with a stunning strawberry pattern. I can’t think of a better design for your precious girl.

On the inside, this harness is padded with soft, breathable mesh to suit sensitive cats. It secures with a buckle and velcro over the neck, while the chest area tightens with velcro only. That said, it might not be the ideal choice for feisty cats.

To complement the overall look, Bingpet sends a free pink leash with that harness. However, some customers were unhappy with the quality of its hook. Some said it broke within 3-4 months of light use.


  • Cute design
  • Comes with a free pink leash
  • Lined with comfortable, breathable mesh


  • The leash’s hook might be flimsy

What to Look for in a Cat Harness?

Before we get to the product reviews, I wanted to discuss some factors that you need to bear in mind while choosing the harness.

These should guarantee that you get a product that truly suits you and your furry friend.

Determine Your Cat’s Favorite Style

Cat harnesses often come in the following 3 styles:

The Step-In Harness: Easy-To-Use but Less Secure

As the name implies, your cat would wear this harness by stepping inside it.

Next, you can secure it with either velcro or plastic buckles over the back. Clearly, this barely irritates the cat. Taking it off is even easier.

But convenience, unfortunately, comes at the expense of security. If something freaked out your cat and he decided to make a run for it, the harness will probably snap off.

The Vest Harness: Secure but Irritating

A cat wears the vest harness as if he’s putting on a t-shirt. It should slide over his head, all the way back to the chest. This is the go-to harness for hyperactive cats that tend to run toward anything that grabs their attention.

As you might deduce, cats tend to hate it. Because there are no buckles, you can’t adjust their sizes to perfectly match your cat. As a result, they often feel too tight. That’s why it’s incredibly rare to find it on the market.

The H-Style Harness: Freer but Not Sturdy

The H-style harness is the most minimalistic. It comes equipped with two straps: one over the neck and the other over the chest. These straps connect through another one running over the back, and that’s where the leash attaches.

This design is ideal for well-trained cats that don’t require major control. With its minimal fabric, the cat will barely feel it, which should lead to a generally positive experience for both of you.

Pick a Suitable Size

Whatever design you choose, the harness should be sized properly to guarantee efficient performance.

To know the right size, get a measuring tape and measure your cat, just behind his front legs. The measuring tape should be snug, but not strangulating. To make sure you got it right, you should be able to place two fingers underneath the tape without discomfort.

Oftentimes, brands depend solely on the girth measurement in the sizing of their products. However, some companies have been using the neck size to enhance the fit even more.

Play Around With Different Materials

Cats differ considerably in what they love and hate.

Although the mesh gives the best breathability, some cats dread it for being too harsh. But others still relish it more than anything. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here.

You’ll have to give it a try to see what works and what doesn’t.

As a general note, try to stay away from velcro. The sound it makes when it unlocks usually frightens cats, especially small kittens.

And remember, nearly all cats need proper training to learn to accept a harness.

Patience is key here.


I hope my picks were omnifarious enough to suit your needs.

In my opinion, Rabbitgoo makes the best cat harness. Their design balances well between comfort and security.

If you want something to fit a small kitten, you should try the Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness. Its small size guarantees an enjoyable, escape-proof walk with your little friend.

I wish you the happiest and safest time!

Steve is a blogger with an unhealthy cat obsession. He enjoys reading non-fiction books, cooking and cuddles with his cat Fij.

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