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In this article I have reviewed the top 10 cat litter mats that are currently available on the marketplace.

There is quite a wide variety of these mats available, so I have rated these in order based on the highest rating, given to them by real life buyers.

Cat litter mats are just a very simple and effective solution to solve the problem of litter scatter.

I would suggest getting one if you find yourself having to sweep litter on a regular basis.

It is estimated that cat owners spend on average just over $3,000 on wasted litter as a result of scatter, during the lifetime of one cat.

In my reviews below you can read the best ones to buy.

I always find that the quickest way to find the best products is to read about what types of cat litter mats buyers have bought and used, and then taken the time to leave a review.

Just before looking at those though, I think it is important to explain what I think are the most important features to look for, before actually purchasing a mat.

There are four main considerations to take into account when buying this type of cat litter mat. These are:

  1. The correct size of mat is vital
  2. The type of material the mat is made from and how effective it is
  3. The actual style and color of the mat you prefer
  4. Do you need a mat that is also urine proof?

I shall explain each of these in more detail later in the article. In summary though, the important things to remember is that these do come in different sizes, different materials and also in a wide range of colors and styles.

Some help risk the reduce of urine soaking through to your floor and some do not.

The urine issue is really only a problem if you own a cat who may urinate outside the box, urinate through the entrance to the box or is generally careless where they do their business.

Best 10 Cat Litter Mats

Just below I have listed the top 10 mats according to online buyer ratings.

I checked all the main online stores for these mats, and then made a note of what buyers said about these.

I then checked what rating they gave to the mat, once they had bought it, used it and taken the time to leave a review.

Then I summarised this information to create my top 10 list as shown below. Underneath that list, you will find a review on each of the mats.

That should help you decide which one is best for you. If you click on the product name just below, it will take to a summary review of the mat.

No 1 Choice – Smiling Paws Pets Premium Cat Litter Mat

This mat from the Smiling Paws brand is:

  • BPA Free
  • XL Size 35″ x 23.5”
  • Non-Slip
  • Tear & Scratch Proof
  • Easy to Clean Kitty Litter Catcher with Scatter Control
  • 97% buyer satisfaction rating

This mat is available in black, beige, brown and gray. It also comes with a 5 star veterinary association approval and it is one of the biggest selling cat litter mats online. It has sold in its hundreds of thousands and has maintained the highest rating of any cat litter mat on the market.With an average price of just under $20, I would have no hesitation in recommending this mat to anyone.

No 2 Choice – PetFusion ToughGrip Large Cat Litter Mat

This mat is

  • Waterproof
  • Has an outer lip
  • Available in large or extra large
  • Easy to clean and helps eliminate mildew and mold
  • Measures 30″ x 23″ and there is an extra large size which measures 38″ x 26″
  • Both mats are only available in a gray color
  • 96% buyer satisfaction rating

This mat is made from a very high premium grade silicone and that makes this one waterproof, so an important consideration for many cat owners. There is also a 12 month warranty on this one that covers any manufacturer’s defects.Buyers say this mat works very well for cats that tend to create a mess just outside of the box. They also said the mat is very easy and quick to clean. With an average price of just under $26 it is certainly worth your consideration as it has a very high 96% buyer satisfaction rating.

No 3 Choice – Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat

This litter mat has:

  • A urine protection element as it has a waterproof layer
  • It also uses larger holes along with a urine puppy pad for messy cats
  • This mat is also very soft on the cat’s paws
  • It is available in a black or brown colors
  • It measures 30″ x 23″
  • 94% buyer satisfaction rating

This is one of the highest selling mats on Amazon and indeed at many other online stores. The price will vary quite a bit depending on where you make your purchase. Typically it retails at around $35. This one is according to buyers a very good choice for anyone who has a cat where urine is a problem.The mat has a plastic film which helps repel urine. It has an open edge, and that makes it really easy to clean. That is because you can shake off any litter, and also wash it under a shower head or a sink head. This one also comes in a Jumbo size and a small size, but this large size gets the highest satisfaction reviews.

No 4 Choice – Easyology Extra Large 35″ x 23″ Cat Litter Mat

This mat:

  • Is very good at trapping mess
  • Buyers say it is easy to clean
  • It is also durable and non toxic
  • It is available in the following colors which are light gray, beige, black, brown, lavender, ocean blue and slate grey
  • 90% buyer satisfaction rating

This is one of the biggest sellers and there are over 6,000 buyer reviews at Amazon alone. Clearly this sells really well and buyers clearly like it. Buyers say this is a very soft mat so good for the cat’s paws.It has extra thick PVC material that wont tear and uses grooves to trap the litter. It is easy to clean and buyers say that this mat looks really good.It also comes with a  100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a money back offer.

No 5 Choice – Gorilla Grip The Original XL Cat Litter Mat

This mat is:

  • Phthalate Free
  • Measures 35″ x 23″
  • Helps trap litter from the cat litter box
  • Good at controlling scatter
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft on the paws
  • It is available in the following colors, gray, beige, brown, light blue, mocha and navy
  • 90% buyer satisfaction rating

This mat has deep grooves and mesh which is used to capture the litter. It is according to buyers a pretty durable mat. Buyers did comment on the fact that it didn’t slip and that of course helps keeps the cat litter mat in place.The mat is soft and importantly is also phthalate free. Buyers also said this was easy enough to clean by shaking off the litter, using the vacuum, and washing with soap and water when required.

No 6 Choice – The Original MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

This mat is:

  • Phthalate Free
  • Measures 35″ x 23″
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft on the paws
  • Available in a few colors and 2 sizes
  • 90% buyer satisfaction rating

I am sure that you agree this is a strange name for a cat litter mat. This one uses a catching mesh with deep grooves to catch the litter if and when it gets scattered.It is available in two sizes an extra large and a jumbo. The extra large measures 35″ x 23″ and the Jumbo measures 47″ x 35″. It comes in a nice range of color options which include slate gray, latte, light blue, navy, purple, taupe and chocolate.Priced at around $14 this is certainly one of the cheaper mats on the list.

No 7 Choice – Cat Litter Mat (2-Pack)

This mat is:

  • A very durable rug style
  • You get one large mat 35.5” x 23.5” and
  • One Medium mat 21.5” x 17.5”
  • 89% buyer satisfaction rating

As the name would suggest you get a couple of mats. These are priced at around $35 for the pair. These are in the classic double layer honeycomb style where the scattered litter falls through holes in the top section, and get collected underneath in the lower section.That keeps the top surface clean and you can then empty the lower section into your cat litter box. These are light mats and buyers say they are durable and long lasting. Overall they do get very good ratings.

No 8 Choice – GRIP MASTER Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat

This mat is:

  • XL Jumbo Size
  • Has a litter trapping border
  • Phthalate Free
  • Soft on Paws
  • Easy to Clean
  • Graphite color
  • Measures 35″ x 23”
  • 88% buyer satisfaction rating

This product is pretty new to the market and my guess is that this one will start to climb up the list over time. This is according to most buyers one tough and durable mat. Priced at around $15 it is also a very good value for money choice.

No 9 Choice – LePet Cat Litter Mat

This mat is:

  • Extra Large
  • Has a honeycomb cat litter trapper
  • Has a waterproof Base Layer
  • It is ECO-friendly
  • It is also light in weight
  • Made from EVA Foam Rubber
  • Measures 27 x 23 inches
  • 87% buyer satisfaction rating

This mat has deep holes that trap litter from the box and also from the cat’s paws. Like all of the mats this will save you a lot of unnecessary cleaning time. This one has a waterproof base layer and that helps a lot to keep urine off the floor.It is made of light weight, durable and Eco-friendly EVA foam rubber which is easy to clean.

No 10 Choice – Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

This mat is:

  • This one is available in medium, large and extra large
  • Available in grey, blue, brown or tan color
  • Patented design spreads a cat’s paw pads, removing and capturing litter as they walk
  • Easy clean-up
  • Sizes: Medium is 23.25” x 14.9”, Large measures 30″ x 24″,  and XL is 36 x 27 x 0.27 Inch
  • 84% buyer satisfaction rating

As you can see buyers rated this mat with an average 84% rating. The good news is that there are not a lot of complaints about this particular mat. Around 4 out of every 100 buyers gave this one a low rating.Most people empty this mat by holding it over the dust can, or simply by shaking it outside. Buyers said that it does a pretty good job at catching the litter.Some buyers had cats who pee over the edge of the box, and they all said that this mat did a really good job at dealing with that.

Cat Litter Mat Buying Guide

In this section I have included some useful buying tips if you are considering buying a cat litter mat for your home.

Which Size of Mat Do You Need?

One thing is certain you will see little or no benefit from a very small mat. If you plan on using a litter mat then it needs to be effective. Almost every buyer will go for a large mat, and in some cases an extra large mat.

Some buyers place the mat at the front of the box where the cat enters. Other cat owners place the litter box on top of the mat. It really depends on the size of the mat as to which method is best.

Smaller mats will only be able to be placed at the front of the box.

Which Type of Mat Do You Need?

The main reason you want to have a mat will determine the type that you need to buy. Some cat owners simply want to have a mat that captures the litter, when the cat leaves the litter box. Sometimes, in fact almost always, litter can stick to the bottom of the cat’s paws.Having a mat can help remove that before it gets walked in to other parts of the home. Other cat owners may have a problem with a leaking box, or with a cat that pees high. In that case you will need a waterproof mat.

Waterproof – Urine Proof

For some other cat owners a bigger problem is the cat urinating outside the box or close to it. Some cats also turn around in the box and urinate out through the entrance. If any of those are things that your cat may do, then you will also need a mat that is waterproof, and easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

With the huge majority of mats a general vacuum clean will be the main cleaning activity that you will have to do. Most cat owners will empty any excess litter back into the box, then shake the mat outdoors to help reduce the dust levels in the home. After that they give the mat a quick vacuum and that is the general cleaning done.The underside of the mats are generally speaking a plastic or a plastic/rubber material that helps make the mat waterproof and urine proof. That can normally be sanitized with some water and a mild detergent. Don’t use any cleaning material that your cat may not like the smell of. That would stop them from going to the litter box.

Why Cat Owners Buy Litter Mats?

Hopefully you now know what is available on the market, and also why cat owners buy one or two of these. They do help prevent tracking, and they also help a lot if you happen to own a high peeing cat, or one who likes to pee out through the entrance.

The good news is that these come in different colors, different sizes and also at a range of prices. The one thing to make certain of is to buy a waterproof one if you have that problem in and around the litter box.

You will still need to clean up of course, but one of these mats will make that a great deal easier.

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