Best Corner Shaped Cat Litter Boxes

best corner shaped litter box

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In this article I will be reviewing the best corner shaped style of cat litter boxes that are currently available on the market place. These are ideal for cat owners who also like their litter boxes to look very neat in their home. These are also suitable for many cats, and especially those who truly like their privacy.

Rather than have the standard rectangular shaped cat litter box, some cat owners prefer to have a corner shaped litter box, that fits neatly and quietly into the corner of a room, and out of the way. The good news is that there are plenty of good choices for these, which I will be looking at in some detail. This type of box is becoming more popular for many US households.

It is worth remembering though that this corner style also uses the normal types of cat litter on the market. These include clumping litter, non-clumping, and crystal type litters. The only main difference is the actual design of fitting into a corner, and making the box look a great deal neater.

The other benefit of owning a corner style litter box is that it can quite often be a great choice for cats who are timid. They can disappear quietly into the corner, do their business and remain undetected and feel safe.

Finally some cat owners prefer this style as it means that a cat going to the toilet is much more discrete. There are certainly some interesting options available so let’s take a closer look at those.

Now there are not hundreds of options for these, so you should know right away that there are limited choices when it comes to deciding on which type of corner litter box to use. Below I will show you a few of the main types and the advantages and disadvantages of picking one of those.

Top 5 Buyer Rated Corner Style Litter Boxes

Underneath we have picked out five of the best corner style boxes that are currently available on the market.

No 1 Choice – Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box

Priced at under $20, this high sided litter box from the Natures Miracle brand is certainly a very popular choice. This one certainly sells really well. Those buyers also clearly like their purchase as it has a solid 93% buyer satisfaction rating, which it has maintained over a long period of time.

This comes in a graphite colour and has the merest hint of glitter that really helps the look of this model. It measures 26-inch by 23-inch by 10-inch and has an important non-stick surface. The 10″ refers to the height of the walls of this box. Having that height goes a long way to prevent the scattering of litter, and any accidental spraying.

The box also has built into it an odor blocking technology that helps reduce odors. This is quite a large box so ideal for one large cat or for multiple cats.


  • 76% of all buyers gave this litter box a full 5 star rating
  • Please note that this is a big box and a few people say too big – so if you have a small space worth measuring this one out to see how much room it will take up
  • Front entrance is lower which makes it easier for a cat to get in and out of
  • The high sides do a great job of keeping the litter inside the box and as such prevents tracking
  • Fits perfectly into the corner of any room


  • 2% of all buyers gave this a bad rating
  • A few buyers complained that the box was too big
  • A few buyers said the plastic this is made from was too flimsy

Overall this one is a good price, with an excellent buyer rating and is a great choice as a corner shaped litter box.

No 2 Choice – Petmate 42104 Corner Open Litter Pan

This corner box is pretty new to the market, but buyers like the way this acts as a great space saver, and yet has high sides to prevent the spilling of litter over the sides of the box. If you own a cat or cats that really like to dig into their litter, then this one according to buyers is a very good choice.

There is also a low and easier entry for older or larger cats. (4″ high) This one is also well priced at under $20, and has an average buyer satisfaction rating of 88%, which is a strong and consistent rating. It is made in the USA from durable plastic resin and it measures 26″ x 19″ x 10″. The sides are 10″ high.


  • 75% of all buyers gave this one a 5 star review
  • No buyers have given this one a bad review
  • Buyers said this was a good choice for older cats who have difficulty climbing into a litter box as this one has a much lower entry point
  • Buyers said the sides were really high and that made a huge difference in the amount of litter being kicked out by cats who like to bury their waste


  • A couple of buyers said this was bigger than expected

There are a not a huge number of buyer reviews to go on as this one is new to the market. I will of course update the results here as they change. For now though buyers don’t seem to have much to complain about. It is of course always advisable to check the size and see if it is suitable before ordering.

No 3 Choice – SmartCat Corner Litter Box

This corner shaped pan is a popular choice for many buyers.  Overall this pan gets a rating of 86% buyer satisfaction, and has maintained that rating for a number of years.

It is made from a durable plastic resin. It measures 8 x 18 x 9 inches and the triangular shape allows it to fit neatly into any corner, which will help you save some space. It comes with a useful litter line and that shows you how much cat litter to put into the box so as none is wasted.

The sides are 9″ high and that is high enough to prevent litter from being scattered, and also to protect against those cats who are classed as high peeing cats. There is a low level entry point, ideal for older cats and that is about 5″ high.


  • 67% of all buyers rate this one with the full 5 stars
  • A roomy cat litter box so good for larger cats or multiple cats
  • Buyers said this is very well constructed and should last for years
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • The height is good and stops almost all of the litter coming out


  • 4% of all buyers give this box a bad rating
  • A few buyers said the box is too small for larger cats
  • The box is too big for a larger cat (15 pounds or more)

Overall a strong seller that gets consistently good reviews from online buyers.

No 4 Choice – Van Ness Corner High Sides Cat Litter Pan, Large

This box is made in the USA and a good option for those cats who like to dig into their litter and create a storm. The high sides reduce litter scatter, and the shape is designed to fit into the corner of any room, and save you a little space.

This one has a highly polished finish and the plastic has been treated to help control odors, and is also stain resistant. That in turn does make it a lot easier to keep clean. It measures 18 x 18 x 9 inches and the sides are 9″ high. The lower entrance point id 5.5″ high.

This one sells really well and is available at an affordable price point.


  • 67% of all buyers gave this one a full 5 star rating
  • Great fit for any corner and holds a good amount of litter
  • Made of really thick plastic and buyers are certain it will last for a long time


  • 3% of all buyers gave this one a bad review
  • A few buyers said the walls were not high enough

Overall this one is certainly affordable, sells consistently well and gets a very high buyer satisfaction rating.

No 5 Choice – IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box with Litter Scoop

This model from the Iris brand is one of the cheapest on the market at slightly under $12. You will struggle to find one much cheaper than that. If you have multiple cats and need a couple or more cat litter boxes, then one like this is going to be a good budget choice.

Overall buyers have rated this one at 82% buyer satisfaction, but the low price means that this particular corner shaped litter box has sold in its thousands. It measures 20.75″L x 16.25″W x 7.50″H with the 7.5″ referring to the height of the sides. Two choices of colors are available and these are almond or navy.

The high sides help keep the litter inside the box, and also help contain spray. The sides are also gently curved. It is worth mentioning that you can buy this one with, or without a covering lid. It does come with a scoop which stores neatly inside the box. All the parts are made of solid enough plastic and that does make it easy to clean.


  • 59% of buyers gave this one a full 5 star review
  • Buyers loved the open top as it made it very easy to clean
  • Buyers also liked the fact that this was easy to clean and the scoop makes that even easier and faster
  • Buyers said the high sides made a huge difference to the amount of scattered litter after the cat finished their burying habits
  • Buyers clearly liked the price point and that it was a durable box


  • 5% of all buyers gave this one a bad review
  • Not a good choice for high peeing cats as the sides are not high enough
  • Smaller than the buyers thought it would be
  • Didn’t like the grooves in the bottom of the box as that makes it more difficult to clean
  • Some buyers said not a good choice for larger cats

That concludes my reviews on the best corner shaped litter boxes. Having done so much research on these you do get to find out some very useful information, from what the real life buyers have to say. I have summarised that below in the form of a helpful buying guide.

Corner Shaped Litter Box Buying Guide

Based on the information I read when doing my research, there are a few important things to note, and these apply to anyone considering the purchase of a corner shaped litter box. In the main cat owners buy these for one of two valid reasons:

  1. They need a litter box but are pushed for space
  2. They like the idea of a box tucked away in a corner and not sitting around in their room

My general assumption is that these are generally bought by people who like to be neat and tidy. They may also be bought by cat owners who have tried other types of boxes and found them to be unsuitable in some way or other.

Corner Litter Box Material

Almost all of them are made from some form of plastic which is often treated with some form of odor control and also with a coating such as a resin, that is designed to make them easy to clean. The better quality boxes will be made of thicker plastic and that will make the last longer, as they are more durable.

Plastic boxes if they are not scraped are easier to clean, so avoid cleaning them with any rough type of abrasive. I would also recommend avoiding really thin plastic as that will just not last.

A cat litter box, when filled with litter is pretty heavy, and if the plastic is too thin, it will just buckle, stress and eventually crack. It also makes it really hard to carry or move around. If you plan on using non-clumping litter the added moisture from the cat urine will make the box even heavier.

High Sides

On most of these corner style boxes, the sides have been made high for 2 main reasons:

  1. To prevent litter being scattered out of the box when the cat digs
  2. To help contain any spray from a cat who tends to be classed as a high peeing cat

Typically this height can vary between 7-10″. In most cases that can be high enough. However if you have a large cat, even 10″ may not be high enough, so please be aware of that. Again generally speaking 10″ is more than high enough to contain scattered litter.

However a vigorous digger will still manage to get some litter over the sides.

Low Entry Point

Just like us as age takes a hold cats may suffer from arthritis or joint pains. Getting in and out of a box can be painful, and this is where you may find your cat starting to pee and poop outside the box. Having a litter box with a low entry point will help solve that problem.

Typically a low entry point is set at around 4-5″ high, and that is low enough to allow the cat to easily get into and out of the box. That is still high enough to keep in litter, which should be at a depth of 2-3″ in the ideal world. That may however also mean that some litter may get kicked out of this low entry point.

Again that is worth bearing in mind and a mat may help reduce scatter if placed under the front of the box.

The Price of Corner Shaped Litter Boxes

These range in price from around $10-40 depending on what they are made of, and what quality they are. That does make them affordable for most cat owners. Mainly it will come down to the style and color that you prefer to have.


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