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In this article I will be reviewing the best dome shaped cat litter boxes that are currently available on the market place. Cat owners like these because of the igloo or dome shaped design. They are also liked a lot by cats.

Many of the cat litter boxes on the market are a very standard rectangular shape, and are cuboid in appearance. These dome shaped cat litter boxes are a lot more stylish, and for that reason a large number of cat owners prefer to have this shape of box in their home.

It is always of course a matter of taste as to your own preference, and at least this style offers a nice alternative. The dome shape also means that the box is covered, and there is scientific evidence that cats prefer a hooded style litter, rather than an open tray or pan style.

The main reason for that is that cats like privacy when pooping, and having a cover helps them relax and feel a little bit safer when doing their business. Not all cats are like that of course, but the majority are.

Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Litter Box Review

One of the biggest sellers for this style on the market is this model from the Petmate brand. It has a very stylish design, with a built in litter mat, and offers your kitten or cat plenty of privacy. There are many thousands of buyers for this particular model.

Overall buyers of this litter box have give it an average buyer satisfaction rating of 82%. The normal RRP of this box is $32.99, but you can almost always find this discounted online.

It is available in 4 colors which are, titanium, pearl white, pearl and brushed nickel. The color you chose is of course entirely your choice, but the most popular is the brushed nickel.

Key Design Features – General Design

This box is made in the USA. The design is sleek and has small steps inside (like a ramp) which help catch litter from your cat’s paws when they are leaving the box. That of course goes a long way to prevent scattering of litter and also at reducing the tracking of litter throughout your home.

This box is also about 50% larger than a standard box, and that makes it suitable for cats of all sizes or for multiple cats. It has a built in handle making it easier to move around.

The box is made of an easy to clean plastic, and that also helps to clean quickly with a simple wipe of a cloth.

It measures 20 x 24 x 19 inches and weighs 5.5 pounds.

Controlling Sprays and Litter

As I mentioned earlier, the hooded top does ensure privacy. The enclosed dome also helps contain litter scatter and spray. The charcoal filter minimizes unwanted odors.

Pros & Cons

There are thousands of buyers for this Booda box so I have summarised what they had to say just below:


  • Overall buyers have rated this box at 82% buyer satisfaction
  • Looks really well and not like an ordinary cat litter so better for those who don’t like the idea of a cat litter box on show
  • Buyers liked the fact that it kept the litter in the box, and that meant no tracking
  • Buyers said the charcoal filter works really well at reducing the odors
  • Buyers said it was really hard for a dog to get their head inside this box because of the design


  • 10 out of every 100 buyers (10%) have given this box a poor review
  • Some buyers said the base of the box is too thin and after time it started to leak
  • A few buyers said the top and bottom parts of the box do not align perfectly
  • Some said the box was just too big and too dark inside

Overall buyers generally speaking like this litter box as can be seen from the 82% buyer satisfaction rating.

CatGenie GenieDome Litter Box Review

Another popular dome style litter box is this one from the well known CatGenie brand. This one is a lot more complex in design than many of these dome styles. The reason for this complexity is that this is classed as a self-washing litter box.

Overall buyers have given this model an 82% buyer satisfaction rating.

General Design

It is only available in one style which has a grey bottom and a white pearl dome cover. It is made of 4 removable sections (2 side walls and 2 dome halves). The top of the Dome is 19.5″ from the floor.

Overall it measures 16.2 x 12.3 x 10.6 inches and weighs 4.1 pounds.

Pros & Cons

There are plenty of buyers for this CatGenie model so I have summarised what they had to say just below:


  • Overall buyers have rated this box at 82% buyer satisfaction
  • A good choice for anyone who has a cat that likes their privacy
  • The self cleaning works great as long as you can hook it up to a water source
  • Buyers said that generally speaking their cats took to this box very easily
  • Buyers said it was really hard for a dog to get their head inside this box because of the design


  • 10 out of every 100 buyers (10%) have given this box a poor review
  • Some buyers said that the self-wash is on a timer and if you have multiple cats, then they will not go near the box when this is is self-wash mode
  • A few buyers said that you have to buy cartridges to keep the box disinfected
  • A few buyers said the small crystals this box uses are easily tracked by cats after they leave the box

Overall buyers rated this choice with an average buyer satisfaction rating of 82%. This is a good choice if you don’t like your hands to be anywhere near cat litter.

Pidan Studio Snow House Igloo Covered Dog Proof Cat Litter Box Kit Review

Appropriately named the igloo, this is a cat litter box with a difference. It is a basic dome design that is available in white, baby blue or baby pink. It is not the cheapest of options, but that does not seem to put buyers off. Overall buyers have rated this Pidan model with an 82% buyer satisfaction rating.

General Design

This litter box has a grated doorway entrance that helps control litter scattering. The entrance is slightly raised and this box is also designed to keep dogs out. That is great for those of us who have both cats and dogs in the home. This box is made from food contact grade polypropylene. The litter box is enhanced with ion pure, an innovative technology from Japan.

This is a big litter box and designed for cats under 17 pounds. The real beauty of this is that it doesn’t actually look like a litter box at all. It has been designed to be half open which serves two purposes:

  • Gives your cat or cats privacy
  • Allows soft light to pass through so as the box is not dark and gloomy

It comes with a scoop kept inside the litter box with a built in hanger. It measures H:49.25cm w: 52.00cm r:25cm h:19.39 inch w:20.47 inch r:9.84 inches

Pros & Cons

Below we have summarised what buyers had to say about this dome shaped box.


  • Overall buyers have rated this box at 82% buyer satisfaction
  • Buyers said this box was very well made and light in weight
  • Most buyers said this was easy to clean
  • Most buyers liked the modern design and the color choices
  • Many buyers liked the fact that this greatly reduced tracking


  • 12 out of every 100 buyers (10%) have given this box a poor review
  • Some buyers said that although good at odor control the box leaked on the floor due to any cat that pees high
  • A few buyers said there was not enough space inside the box

Most buyers rated their purchase highly with around 10% of buyers saying they had leakage problems under the box.

Luxury Round Enclosed Cat Litter Box Review

This is classed as a round box and it almost has a dome like shape. I wanted to include it though as some buyers like this one, and in particular they like the shape. It wouldn’t be one of my own personal favorite styles, but we all like different things.

It is worth mentioning that it does come with a free paw wipe mat. Overall buyers rate this one with an average satisfaction rating of 78%

General Design

It measures 22.5 x 22.5 x 17 inches and weighs 5.2 pounds. The main design theory behind this one, aside from the shape of course, is that it is made to keep dogs out of the cat litter. It’s quite but you shouldn’t fill it to the edge with litter.

There are not really enough buyer reviews on this one yet to do a pros and cons section. If the reviews increase I will of course update this section. For now though most of the buyers like the style.

Summary of Dome Shaped Cat Litter Boxes

There are a whole range of cat litter boxes on the market as I am sure you know. These dome shaped boxes are however a little different. People buy these for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons buyers choose this style is that they don’t actually look like a normal cat litter box.

That means that they can have them located in living areas and they are almost disguised as being for the cat to do their business in. They certainly seem to sell really well though you will notice of course, that they are more expensive than your standard box.

I guess some people don’t mind paying a little extra for the style and design that they want to have in their home.

One thing I do know is that most cats seem to like the shape of these boxes. There is of course no actual evidence for that, but there is anecdotal evidence. Those buyers who have bought these did state clearly that their cats naturally used these boxes.

The reason why that would be the case no-one really knows. In my opinion they do look nice and as long as the cat or kitten uses them is all that really matters.

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