Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Review

Blackhol Moonshuttle rectangular cat litter mat

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This is my review of the Blackhole cat litter mat from the Moonshuttle USA brand. It is one of the most popular litter mats currently available on the marketplace. It is a rectangular shape and measures 30″ x 23″. It is available in three colors: dark gray, beige and a lime green.

The main purpose of any type of cat litter mat is to help prevent what is called tracking. Tracking happens when a cat uses the litter box, and on exiting the box, litter stuck to its paws gets trailed or tracked across the floor. That can of course make the floor look very untidy.

It is also dangerous to have cat litter about especially if there are any small children or other family pets. They could easily touch soiled litter with their hands or even eat it. So if you can stop tracking, that is the right thing to do. Aside from the mess, it does get walked all over the house, and that just means more cleaning up.

So the big question is does this particular mat really help do all of the above?

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Design

blackhole litter mat designWhat makes this cat litter mat any different to the many other mats available on the market? The answer to that is in the design.

Now I am also the first to appreciate that this is not a cheap option, so why should you consider spending the extra money, that this Blackhole mat will cost?

Again this comes down to the rather unique design. The mat has two layers. It uses a convex design on each little bump on the top layer of the mat, which allows the litter to drop down between the shapes.

That litter is then collected in the underneath second layer part of the mat, making it easy to keep clean, and also very easy to clean.

As the mat opens at both ends. most people carry it outside, and shake it outside.

The mat can be placed slightly under the litter box, or just at the entrance of the litter box so as all the cat litter is caught as and when your cat leaves the litter box.

Many buyers have also said that some of their cats tended to urinate just outside the litter box, just at the entrance, and that this mat helped a lot in capturing any leaks such as this. This is where your cat may face into the litter box, and urinate towards the entrance.

What Buyers Say About the Blackhole Litter Mat?

Overall, and based on over 2,000 online buyer reviews, buyers have rated this mat with an 86% overall buyer satisfaction rating. That is excellent considering the high number of reviews and that the product has been on the market for a very long time.

Clearly this works well for the majority of cat owners who have bought and used this mat. Just below I have included what buyers had to say both good and bad about this mat. I have shown these below as general summaries of both Pros and Cons.


Around 4% of buyers gave this mat a poor review. I have highlighted the reasons why just below:

  • A few buyers said that it didn’t help that much with the tracking problem
  • A few buyers also said that the mat was too hard to walk on and too stiff so unsuitable for areas of high traffic
  • A small minority of buyers said they had problems with the delivery, though not with the mat itself


  • Almost 70% of online buyers gave this mat the full 5 star review
  • The majority of buyers said that this did a very good job of getting rid of tracked litter
  • Cat owners with multiple cats stated that this mat was specially effective
  • Many buyers said they liked the size of the mat, and that it came in a choice of colors
  • Almost all buyers said it helped save their floors, and best of all it saved them having to walk on tracked litter.
  • Many of the buyer’s reviews stated that this mat managed to capture around 95% of all the litter dropped, not every single speck, but almost all of it
  • Buyers also said that it saved them time having to constantly clean up tracked cat litter
  • The seams are really well stitched together, and that is important to help increase the life of the mat.

Video Review of the Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Some people prefer to see a video of the product they are considering buying. Please find this one below, which I found really useful.

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Blackhole Litter Mat FAQ

Question – What Size are the Holes in the Mat?
Answer – The holes are about 1/4″ in diameter, makes them ideal for most sizes of cat litter to easily drop through to the bottom layer of the mat.

Question – Is this mat waterproof?
Answer – No it is not waterproof. You will find that none of these mats are designed to be waterproof as they are primarily designed to stop tracking. Many cat owners recommend placing a rubber mat underneath these types of mat. Those are waterproof and will stop any urine from soaking down through and on to your floorboards or carpets.

Question – Is there a smell from the mat?
Answer – There is a slight smell when you first open the package. That disappears very quickly and there is no lasting smell. It is worth noting that if a cat did urinate on the mat, then like any other surface, this would need to be cleaned up quickly.

Question – Does this mat work with clumping litter?
Answer – Yes this works very well with clumping litter. With some of the natural or biodegradable litters it may not works so well as that type of litter tends to be larger. As such it would not go down through the holes and would remain on the top layer. For most clumping litters though this mat will work well.

Question – Will cats walk on this mat?
Answer – Cats will always try and avoid anything they don’t like to walk on. Having read all of the reviews on this one, that does not seem to be a problem. Only a couple of buyers said they had an issue.

Question – Will cats scratch at this mat?
Answer – Most cats will, and that is a good things as it helps remove any litter from their paws onto the mat, and not unto your floor. Some cats will not do this, as mainly it depends on what your own cat likes to scratch on. It is tough wearing so no need to worry about the mat getting damaged.

My Verdict on the Blackhole Moonshuttle Cat Litter Mat

I tend never to argue with an 86% buyer satisfaction rate, and this one appears to be well justified in its high ranking. On the downside, and compared to many other litter mats, this one would be considered to be expensive.

It is easy to see that buyers understood that, but were still willing to pay the extra, simply to solve the problem of tracked cat litter. In this the mat seems to do a very good job, if not quite a perfect job. Almost 7 out of every 10 buyers gave this the full 5 star treatment, and that is a very good sign.

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There were only a small 4% of poor reviews. Now although it would be ideal to see no complaints, the number is still very low, and that is also a good sign for potential buyers. Overall the product does what it is supposed to. If this is not the cat litter mat for you, then please check out our top 10 list of litter mats, by clicking here.

There are plenty of choices available for these types of mats, and this one is bought a lot by cat owners, trying to keep their home as tidy as they can.


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