My Cat Litter & Accessory Recommendations

I thought it would be useful to put together a single page on my website with my own personal recommendations of the best cat litter products and accessories, that are available on the market right now. All of my recommendations are based on the extensive research I have done and having read thousands of online buyer reviews.

I have been around cats all of my life and have indeed studied their behavior for many years. I have then combined my own knowledge along with the highest buyer rated reviews to make sure that visitors to my website, have the best available knowledge.

The items that you will find on this page I have no hesitation in recommending them as I use them myself. They are not always the highest end items, but they are priced really well and have a high quality standards.

Cat Litter Recommendations

In this section I have provided links to the various types of litter currently available on the market. As you will see I have included the most popular clay litters, crystal litters and also natural and biodegradable litters. If you click on any of the images you will be taken to a page where there is a top 10 list. 

This list has been prepared in the order of the highest buyer rated first. In other words, I did a lot of research and figured out which litter the buyers rated the highest. That way I am sure that I am providing you with the best choices available. I review these lists each week to make sure they are always up to date.

That way I know you have the best information currently available.

clumping cat litter

This is the most popular choice on the market. As the name suggests this litter forms clumps that make daily cleaning of the litter a great deal easier.

non clumping cat litter

This is the type of clay based litter that is used in cat shelters. It does not clump and it is also the cheapest to buy. It does need to be changed out every 1-2 weeks.

silica gel crystal cat litter

Many cat owners are making the move to these crystal style litters rather than the heavier clay types. They are slightly more expensive.

natural biodegradable cat litter

This is for cat owners who only want to use natural products in their litter and are also keen to help protect the environment.

Cat Litter Box Recommendations

There are many different types of cat litter boxes available on the market. They really do come in a whole range of shapes and sizes and from many different pet brands.

Cat Litter Trays/Pans

The humble tray or pan is certainly the most affordable but it is an open tray and some cat owners and home owners don't like the idea of an open box. That is especially true when there are small children or other pets around the home.

Enclosed Box

That led to the enclosed or hooded litter box which remains the most popular choice for many cat owners. This is really nothing more than a tray with a lid on it. That keeps the cat poop out of sight and also helps control odors around the home.

Different Types of Enclosed Box

These come in different sizes, and shapes such as rectangular and even igloo or dome shaped boxes. There are also cat litter boxes that are designed to fit into a corner, and these are good if you are pushed for space.

Top Entry Litter Box

The main reason that these boxes were made by manufacturers was to suit homes that had both cats and dogs. The side or front entry boxes were easy for dogs to get access to. By having a top entry style of box, most dogs are reluctant to use that, and that of course helps keep them out of the box.

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Self cleaning boxes started to be popular for home owners who were out for most of the day. These boxes as the name would suggest can self clean. These are also popular for people who really hate the though of cleaning out a cat litter.

There are two main types; the first one is a manual option which you shake from side to side and the litter gets filtered. The second option is the automatic self-cleaning box that cleans itself once your cat has done its business.

Cat Litter Furniture

These are a very good choice for anyone who prefers to have a piece of furniture that then contains a litter box. This can be used as a disguise to essentially hide the litter box. Some people though simply prefer this option as they can combine a nice piece of furniture along with the litter box.

enclosed hooded covered litter boxes

This is the most popular type of litter box on the market. They have an average price of around $30-60

cat litter tray pans

The cat litter tray or pan is the most basic form of litter. They have an average price of around $10-30

Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

These are also a popular choice but expensive. They have an average price of around $60-150

Top Entry Litter Box

These are a good choice if you have dogs. They have an average price of around $30-70

best corner shaped litter box

These are a good choice if you are limited on space. They are also goof if you like to be neat and tidy. They have an average price of $40-90

dome shaped cat litter box reviews

These are a good choice if you like a trendy or contemporary style. They have an average price of $50-100

self flushing cat litter box

The ultimate solution but a very expensive option as well They have an average price of $300-500

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box Review

The perfect choice if you want to keep your litter box hidden. They have an average price of $50-300

Cat Litter Box Accessories

There are a number of cat litter accessories that you can buy for your home. These are all designed with one purpose in mind. That purpose is to help care for your cat and at the same time keep your home clean and fresh.

We have listed those below so as you can quickly see what is available.

cat litter mat reviews

A cat litter mat is great to help prevent tracking. They have an average price of around $30-60

These come in many different sizes and shapes so you will have plenty of choice. The principle behind these is that you place these under or beside the cat litter box. When the cat leaves the box then any litter stuck to their paws gets caught by the mat and not your floor. That helps prevent tracking.

Cat Litter Liners

problems with fitting cat litter liners

Many cat owners like to use cat litter box liners. These are liners that you can place inside a cat litter box before adding the litter to the box. They then serve two purposes:

  1. They help keep the actual bottom of the litter box dry
  2. When it comes to doing a full replacement of the litter, you simply lift out the entire liner and dispose of the liner and all the litter inside the box.

You Can Click Here to Read More About the Best Cat Liners

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