The Complete Guide to Cat Tattoos

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Animal tattoos have always been a staple in the tattoo community. Real and imaginary animals can convey a powerful message when turned into tattoos.

No wonder a tiger, lion, or a fictional beast like a dragon is such a popular first tattoo.

Even certain kinds of fish have a place in traditional Japanese tattoo art, often done by masters from that country.

While tattoos of big cats have always been popular, the house cat is just starting its foray into the world of tattoos.

Because of this, cat lovers might have trouble picking their first cute cat tattoo. A tattoo is for life, so a careful choice is imperative for all cat lovers.

Don’t worry, though—our article will shed light on the most important aspects of getting a cat tattoo, such as its location, size, and design.

After reading our piece, any cat lover will be well-equipped to receive a beautiful tattoo of their best friend to last a lifetime.

Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of cat tattoo design—cat tattoo placement.

Cat Tattoo Location

Unlike some types of tattoos, you can’t just put a cat tattoo anywhere on your body.

Don’t get us wrong — there is nothing to stop cat lovers from getting ink anywhere they want, but to get the best possible effect, you’ll need to get creative with placement.

Cats are small animals, and usually, so are the tattoos that pay them homage. Therefore, we’d be careful with any full back, chest, or sleeve cat tattoo.

Instead, explore uncommon body parts, such as behind your ears or the back of your neck. Girls often get their cat tattoos on their wrists, ankles, or feet because cat tattoos often have feminine details.

Still, other locations, such as your arm, can also work well. Your fingers can provide the perfect location for a simple cat tattoo.

Before deciding, you should be aware that finger tattoos can quickly fade and even disappear after some time. That’s especially probable if you wear a lot of jewelry, such as rings.

Therefore, finger cat tattoos are bound to require frequent touch-ups. Still, fingers don’t provide much real estate, so we’re talking small tattoos, which won’t cost much to fix.

If you’re a beginner, as most of you probably are, your shoulder blade is an excellent place to start.

It’s the perfect spot for any size tattoo and works incredibly well with small cat tattoos.

The best part is that you can easily hide a shoulder blade tattoo, should you want or need to.

Cat Tattoo Design

Like cats, cat tattoos come in many shapes and sizes.

While large cat tattoos were never in style, other sizes are equally popular. So, it’s easy to find everything from a small, cute cat tattoo to a medium-sized one.

Apart from size, style is the other thing defining cat tattoo design.

In that sense, tattoo artists offer a range of cat tattoo looks, allowing you to choose between the two extremes — a cute design or a serious, minimalist aesthetic.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular and hopefully inspire your first cat tattoo.

Minimalistic Cat Tattoo

Minimalist Cat Tattoo Design

Minimalist tattoos are all the rage in contemporary tattoo artistry.

They provide an uncluttered, inconspicuous look that’s easy to incorporate into most people’s images. On top of that, a minimalist, simple cat tattoo comes with a certain air of sophistication, which many love.

These cute cat tattoo designs are probably the most simple cat tattoos cat lovers can get.

However, simplicity, in this case, isn’t bad—quite the contrary. With only a few lines, a simple cat tattoo can achieve what even some realistic tattoos cannot.

Additionally, you have to admit that minimalism looks very cool. Get a minimalist cat tattoo, and your friends will be sure to comment, especially those that love art.

Another added benefit of simple cat tattoos is how subtle they are.

They usually only include a single color, making them easy to match with your wardrobe. The nature of minimalism also means that a simple cat tattoo is easier to hide than most.

One of the best things about a simple cat tattoo is that, unlike most cute designs, it suits both boys and girls.

With minimalist designs, anyone can readily profess their love of cats.

Realistic Cat Tattoos

If you want to pay homage to your beloved kitty, there’s no better way to do it than with a cute, realistic cat tattoo.

This style of tattoo is the only one that can truly convey the beauty of your gorgeous pet. However, to create artwork, you’ll need a true artist, so ensure you get the best you can.

Realistic tattoo designs can be incredibly difficult to master, and tattooing things like fur and paws is an art form, not to mention finding the right shade of pink for the nose.

It’s difficult enough to do on paper, and the fact that tattoo artists have to do it on the skin makes it that much more difficult. If you don’t choose the best, the beauty of your cute kitten will be lost.

The best way to get a realistic tattoo of your kitten is to show your artist a few pictures. That way, they’ll know what it looks like and its personality.

Aside from meeting your pet, it’s the best way for an artist to get good cat tattoo ideas.

Another thing to mention with realistic tattoos is that the process can be time-consuming.

Realistic tattoos are much more complicated to do, and they’re often colorful. Therefore, while getting a minimalist cat tattoo usually doesn’t take long, getting a real one will involve some waiting.

Be patient with your artist when making the design and with the actual tattooing.

Realistic cat tattoos are nothing to be afraid of, however. Unlike with dogs, cat tattoos are usually not very large.

Still, waiting keeps many people from getting realistic cat tattoos, so you might want to stick with minimalism for your first cat tattoo.

Egyptian Style Cat Tattoos

Egyptian Style Cat Tattoos

The Ancient Egyptians are known for worshiping their feline companions.

Their culture preached the belief that cats are in many ways godlike, which is not all that different from how cat lovers feel about their pets today.

It might sound funny, but most cat lovers take their pets seriously. If you feel the same way about your kitten, some ancient Egyptian ink might be just the thing for you.

This school of tattoo design sits somewhere between minimalism and realism. Ancient Egyptian iconography includes the use of geometric shapes, but it also doesn’t stray too far away from a cat’s authentic look.

Therefore, a simple cat tattoo in this style is the perfect choice for design-focused cat lovers who like to stand out.

The Egyptian aesthetic is perfect for a simple cat tattoo with a bit of added flair. You can do it in color, but it also works incredibly well with a black cat.

Though you shouldn’t expect a cute cat tattoo, the Egyptian tattoo design will provide you with some striking ink.

One of the best things about Egyptian cat tattoo ideas is that they work with all sizes and colors. Therefore, you can choose between a small black cat tattoo or a large one in full color.

Additionally, the Egyptian look is one of the few that works well with large cat tattoos. Hence, going Egyptian is probably your best bet if you’d like to get a full back or chest cat tattoo.

However, try not to go overboard on the design and choose a simple cat tattoo instead. Black cats work best, especially if you don’t believe superstitions about them bringing bad luck.

Cute Kitty Tattoo

Cute Kitty Tattoos

A cute and simple cat tattoo is a very popular choice nowadays and is often the first tattoo for many cat lovers.

Cute cat ink can bring a smile to your face daily, which is a delight for all those who love cats. As for the design itself, cats have many gorgeous features from which to choose.

A sweet paw, a tiny pink nose, a curled tail, or a funny pose can all inspire a cute and simple cat tattoo.

Understandably, girls choose cute tattoos more often than boys.

However, these rules are not set in stone, and with some searching, all cat lovers can find something cute to suit them.

Searching for Tattoo Inspiration

Finding a simple cat tattoo that fits your personality can be challenging.

However, there are many places to turn to for inspiration. The internet is the easiest way to get cat tattoo ideas—it’s full of elaborate and simple cat ink. Therefore, it can provide you with a template you can use to get creative.

Visiting tattoo artists is another way to get simple cat tattoo ideas. Since they’re so popular, most tattoo parlors keep a catalog of simple cat tattoo designs from which to choose.

However, if you want your unique design, you should speak to a professional who will help you make an original tattoo.

A tattoo artist will usually let you be a part of the creative process, which is a great idea.

Design shows are another great way to get cool ideas for your next cat tattoo.

Additionally, the average tattoo fan likes to visit tattoo conventions, which is a great way to meet new people, choose a talented artist, and get ideas for the next tattoo in your collection.

Most professionals do their advertising at tattoo conventions, so it’s a good way to get a feel for the market. Try not to be fooled by advertising, though. Instead, focus on simple cat tattoo designs.

Look to your sweet kitten for inspiration if you’re still at an impasse. We’re sure your pet cat has many unique features, such as a cute pink nose or an adorable paw. Cats are naturally cute and gracious, and it shouldn’t be hard to turn those characteristics into a cool tattoo design.

Finally, ask your friends—those who know you best will surely have some creative input.

Choosing Your First Cat Tattoo

For your first time, we’d suggest getting a simple cat tattoo.

As a cat lover, you might be tempted to get something more realistic, but bear in mind that it’s a much more complicated process.

On the other hand, a simple cat tattoo is also simple to choose and incorporate into your lifestyle.

A black cat tattoo is probably the easiest choice while still effective. Lastly, girls would probably like a cute cat tattoo the most, while boys usually go in a different direction.

After you’ve chosen the design, it’s time to add some meaning. For example, get a black cat tattoo if you own a black cat.

A good way to personalize a simple cat tattoo is to incorporate numbers. Therefore, you might add a subtle birth date or choose tattoos that draw attention to the belief that cats have nine lives.

Cats are nocturnal animals, so many people like to add the moon to symbolize this fact. There are many ways for cat lovers to add meaning to a simple cat tattoo, so it would be best to get creative.

Next up is placement. Simple cat tattoos are easy to place, as they can go almost anywhere on your body. They’re also easy to hide, no matter what you wear.

Girls usually choose places such as wrists, ankles, and the back of the neck. Boys, on the other hand, often go for arm tattoos. However, be careful with arm tattoos—the arm often requires a larger design, which can get expensive, especially with colorful cat tattoos.

Don’t worry, though, as small tattoos work equally well on the arm—two cats curled together in a yin-yang aesthetic make for a good example.


A cat tattoo is a great way to show how much you love your cute cat friend.

As a result, many boys and girls choose to honor their beloved pet with a cat tattoo.

However, choosing a simple cat design can be difficult, especially for beginners. In that sense, we hope this article explains cat tattoos.

If you’re ever in a dilemma, remember that a tattoo is for life, so you should consider everything carefully. Design, placement, size, and color play significant roles in the final look.

Therefore, think carefully about what you’d like and choose the best tattoo artist available.

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