Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan Review [Updated 2022]

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by Steven Thomas

This is my complete Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan review.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Its main features and benefits
  • Is it the right litter box for you?
  • Does it exactly match your needs
  • Alternatives to consider

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether it’s the right cat litter to buy for your cat.

Let’s dive in.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box Specs

Here are the specifications and details of what it comes with.

Catit Large Hooded Cat Litter Box, Blue and White, 50701
  • Provides your cat with privacy while retaining their cat litter inside the pan; perfect for multi cat households
  • Large cat litter box hood lifts up for easy access for cleaning; hand wash with mild soap and water
  • Carbon filter is a cat litter deodorizer that works to remove odors; made of BPA free materials
  • The cat litter pan’s raised backside and overlap mechanism prevents leaks caused by urinating or spraying
  • Cat pan’s dimensions when assembled are 22.4 L x 18.3 H x 15.3 W inches; door opening measures 10.4 x 9.6 inches
  • This is a large cat litter box, measuring 22 inches long, 17 inches wide and 18 inches high.
  • The door opening is also wide at 10.4 high and 9.6 inches wide, which is great for big cats.
  • Contains a carbon filter that helps control odors.
  • The door lifts up and backwards for quick and easy cleaning.
  • The top is easily removed from the bottom and uses latches on the side to do this.

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What Buyers Say About the Catit Litter Box

There are lots of reviews from various online websites, and this tells us instantly, that this litter box sells like hot cakes.

It’s also rated highly with the majority of buyers very satisfied with the product.

Catit Jumbo Pros & Cons


  • A really good sized which is ideal for bigger cats
  • The closed lid and door can help get rid of cat litter smell around the home
  • Cats had no fear of using the litter box as it is large and the entrance is also large
  • The back was high enough that even if your cat doesn’t squat to pee, the urine will still hit the back of the box and not go over the seams where the upper part is joined to the lower part
  • The entrance is big enough to be able to reach in with a scoop without having to remove the top section
  • A big enough box to allow cats to move around which they like to do when doing their business
  • Most people say the litter does not stick to the sides of the box
  • The top fits over the bottom of the box which is great to stop potential leaking


  • Some people had a faulty product or missing parts
  • Some people said the top would not latch properly
  • A number of buyers said the door kept sticking

My Verdict & Conlusion On the Catit Jumbo Litter Box

Overall, it’s an excellent cat litter box with lots of happy customers. That is always a very reassuring thing to see. In terms of the price point, it’s well priced for the quality.

This Catit Jumbo is however an excellent choice for anyone who needs a good sized box, that has been highly used and approved by thousands of satisfied buyers and cat owners.

FAQ’s for the Catit Jumbo Litter Box

Here are some common questions you might have when deciding on this popular cat litter box.

Is this litter box really that big?

Yes, it’s one of the biggest on the market.

Can the Flap Be Removed?

Yes the flap can be completely removed. Some cats just will not use a box with a flap on it, so any good litter box should have a removable cat flap.

How difficult is it to clean?

It’s easy. You remove the top half by unlaching the latches on the side and you can get to the entire litter tray to clean it easily. Also how often you clean the litter box can make it easier.

Is it good at controlling odors?

It is a covered box and that helps, however it also comes with a carbon filter to help elimiate odor.

How much litter do you need to fill this box?

This is a jumbo sized box, and the recommended level of litter is 3 inches. To do that it will take around 20-25 lbs of litter, so a lot of litter.

How much cat litter to use also depends on your cat. Some cats prefer more, some less, so try to experiment if you can.

Whats is the best litter liner for this cat litter box?

KONE Cat Litter Box Liners Extra Durable with Drawstring fit this box, and are available at Amazon. Catit also do their own liners for this box.

Also, check our article on whether you should use cat litter liners.

Is it easy to move around when filled?

It is heavier when filled, but it would be OK to move around a little.

The box itself is not heavy, but when filled with around 20 lb of litter, and if that litter is wet, it can get pretty heavy.

The handle will hold OK but this could be cumbersome to move around due to its size and weight.

Can cats and kittens push through the door easily?

Most cats will be able to do this with ease. Some cats do not like pushing these flaps, so you can either gently encourage them to do this with a little nudge, or just fold it back and leave it open for them.

Kittens normally don’t know how to do this, so they will need a little training. Once they master that, then they will continue to do this.

Where can I buy this litter box?

The best place would be Amazon as it seems to be in stock most of the time. You could also try a local pet store if you prefer to look at it first.


That concludes this Catit litter box review.

Overall, this is a sturdy and well built cat litter box with lots of features. It’s great for large cats and the hood and door flap will help to keep out litter odor.

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