10 Cool Cats Doing Tricks You Won’t Believe

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by Steven Thomas

Want to see some incredible cats doing tricks?

From cats ringing a bell for food to cats doing backflips, you’ll want to immediately teach your cat to do the same.

#1. This Cool Cat Loves Wearing Sun Glasses

This cat can’t get enough of these heart shaped sunglasses.

We even see a high five at the end of this short video.

#2. Cats Ringing a Bell for Food

These two know how to ask for food. The ring a bell everytime they want another treat.

Very clever!

#3. Play Dead?

Watch this cat flop onto the bed after his human demonstartes it for him, a bit like playing dead.

We think the cat does it better!

#4. Cat Magician Makes Coin Disappear

This cute kitty makes a coin disappear… Incredible!

#5. Here’s Another Disappearing Coin Trick Performed by Magic Cat

What this cat patiently observing how the trick works. Then, like magic, she makes the coin disappear.

#6. Wipe Face and Lick

This clever kitty knows how to wipe his face and lick his paw.

Oh, and stand on his back legs rather impressively.

#7. The Double High Five

This adorable cat can high five like a pro. But not just any high five, a high five with both paws at once.

#8. Cat Backflip

Here’s a cat doing a backflip. Impressive!

#9. Cat Bengal Cat Waving

Even Bengal cats can do tricks. This one stands on his hind legs and waves graciously.

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Steven Thomas
Steven has been studying cat behavior ever since adopting two stray kittens in 1996. After rescuing many homeless cats over the years, he developed the skill of finding new homes for cat lovers seeking to adopt. About Steven

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