The 5 Best Cat Harnesses in 2020

Best Cat Harness

Contrary to the common belief, some cats do enjoy going for a walk. They might not be as excited as dogs, but they surely appreciate seeing and smelling new stuff, too. When it comes to safety, cats and dogs share the crucial need for a harness. It gives you the ultimate control without being too […]

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5 Best Cat Flea Collars to Ward Off Pesky Fleas

The Best Cat Flea Collars

Cat lovers know the value of a good flea collar. With the help of their active ingredients, flea collars help prevent and treat flea infestations. Their effective design helps protect your cat for up to 6 months, sometimes even longer. After realizing that cat owners need a reliable, trustworthy flea collar for their cats, I […]

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What Is the Best Size Carrier for a Cat?

What is the Best Carrier Size For a Cat

When I first brought a cat home, I underestimated the need for a carrier. Yet, I was proven wrong. A cat carrier can save you much trouble, especially if you’re driving with your kitten by your side. Since cats tend to be nervous in a moving car, they need to stay in an enclosed space […]

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10 Best Cat Scratching Posts 2020

what are the best cat scratching posts

Cats absolutely love scratching stuff. Furniture, curtains, carpet, you name it… They’ll scratch whatever makes them feel good. And this can be super frustrating for cat mommy and daddies. The solution… A scratching post. But can a scratching post really stop a cat from tearing up your entire house? The simple answer is yes. In […]

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5 Best Cat Litter Liners for Your Litter Box

how to empty a cat litter box liner

Just below is a table of the best cat litter box liners according to extensive online research. There are a lot of different brands and versions of these liners, so hopefully the table below will help you make more sense of these. If you want to read more detail about any of these liners, then […]

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10 Best Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litters

silica gel cat litter

In this post I’m going to share my list of the best silica crystal litters for your feline friend. This list has been compiled over many years of researching online and offline, in store and from personal experience.There’s 10 reviews in the list with all the details you need […]

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