Should You Use Litter Box Liners for Your Cat?

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Should you use cat litter box liners?

Cat litter box liners are designed to make it easier to clean out your cat’s litter box.

But are they any good and should you use them?

In this article, I’ll share important things to consider, including:

  • Why use them?
  • The 4 best litter box liners
  • Pros and cons of litter box liners

Let’s dive right in.

Why Use Cat litter Box Liners?

Cat litter box liners are best used with non-clumping cat litter because it’s harder and messier to clean up than clumping litter.

With clumping litter, you can scoop the clumps out daily and when it comes to clean out the litter box properly, it’s not so difficult.

You can use a cat litter box liner for any type of cat litter (best with non-clumping), as it can help with disposing the little and clean up time.

Clumping litter isn’t as easy to scoop, when it comes to cleaning out the litter box, it’s much easier to dispose of the litter if you use a litter liner.

This will also make cleaning the litter box less of a chore, because the box liner keeps the bottom of the box dry, which requires less time to cleaning the litter pan.

How to Use a Cat Box Liner

Some cat litter box liners have a drawstring which can be tied for easy disposal.

However, some liners won’t have these and you’ll need to tie a knot with the excess edges of the plastic.

The box might need a bit of a clean if any urine has seeped through, but there will be less work involved.

You will of course need to properly clean and dry out the litter pan, usually once per month, but the litter liner will have made the whole process easier.

To use a cat litter box liner, open the plastic bag and place it inside your litter pan. Most liners will fit your litter box, just check the size before you buy.

Fold any excess plastic around the edges of the litter box so that it sits neatly inside and doesn’t get in the way when your cat needs to go.

Then pour your cat’s litter on top of the plastic liner until it fills the bottom of the cat pan. Anything between 1-3 inches of litter is fine, depending on your cats preference.

Here’s a video to show you exactly how it’s done:

4 Best Litter Box Liners You Can Try

Here are 4 of the best cat litter box liners on the market today.

1. JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Cat Litter Box Liners

JONNY CAT Heavy Duty Cat Litter Box Liners

These are one of the most popular choices when it comes to litter liners.

These are large heady duty liners measuring 36 inches by 18 inches and 2 mil thick and tear resistent which will help them last longer.

They come in a box of 5 and this is a pack of 6 boxes so you get a total of 30. Advertisements

These also have a drawstring, so it’ll be easy to tie them up once you’re ready to clean it out.

2. Alfapet Kitty Cat Litter Box Disposable Liners with Elastic

Alfapet Kitty Cat Litter Box Disposable Liners

The Alfapet Kitty Cat liners have a cool feature that uses an elastic band around the top instead of a draw string.

This is to help secure the cat litter liner around the outside of your litter box.

This is another 30 pack but are slightly smaller than the others at 37 inches by 18 inches and 1.5 mil in thickness.

3. Cat Litter Box Liners 30 Count Drawstring Cat Waste Liners

Cat Litter Box Liners 30 Count Drawstring Cat Waste Liners

These cat litter liners are by Kitty Kitty and come in a box of 30 with drawstring feature for easy and convenient clean up.

Measuring 36 inches by 18 inches which will fit most litter boxes. Advertisements

They are also heady duty and leak proof which will prevent any nasty leaks.

4. Alfapet Kitty Cat Disposable Sifting Liners

Alfapet Kitty Cat Disposable Sifting Liners

These litter box liners are a bit different to the others because they are sifting. That means that the good litter can be sifted through holes in the bottom and reused so you don’t waste as much litter.

This will save you having to wait until the entire litter is unusable before disposing the bag, or having to scoop out any waste.

In principle it works but it might take a bit of trial and error to make the most of these types of liners.

These Alfapet Sifting Litter Box Liners are huge, measuring at 40 inches by 38 inches so you could try these if you have a bigger litter box. They come in a pack of 10 x 3 boxes.

You also get an elastic band to tie around the litter box to keep them in place.

They way they work is by putting them all in the tray at the same time and then when the litter is ready to be removed, you just lift up one bag that’s on the top, shift the dry litter through and then add more clean litter to the pan. Advertisements

The Pros of Using Cat Litter Box Liners

  • They are easy to use – As you saw in the video, it’s really straight forward to use them.
  • Saves you time when cleaning – If you hate cleaning the cat litter, it can save you a lot of time, especially if you’ve got multiple cats.
  • Relatively inexpensive – Each bag should last several days and you can buy liners in packs of 20+ and the more you buy the cheaper they are.

The Cons of Litter Box Liners

  • They can rip and tear – this very much depends on the quality of the liner and also on the strength of the seams.
  • Difficult to find the right fit – Unless the manufacturer makes a bag specifically for the litter box, finding a good fit can be just a matter of trial and error.
  • Air pockets – When you are placing the liner into the box, air pockets can easily be created. It does take patience to fit a liner, then pour the litter in.
  • Coming away from the sides – Some cats will manage to dislodge the liner especially around the top and at the sides.


Cat litter box liners can be a very hygienic way for looking after your litter box.

You can also save a lot of time, as you can just throw the litter liner away after 1-2 weeks of changing the litter.

Two good options if you want to try them are the JONNY CAT or Kitty Kitty . Give them a try to make cleaning up cat litter less of a chore.

Steven has been studying cat behavior ever since adopting two stray kittens in 1996. After rescuing many homeless cats over the years, he developed the skill of finding new homes for cat lovers seeking to adopt.

3 thoughts on “Should You Use Litter Box Liners for Your Cat?”

  1. Can’t find medium size liner. Like your picture of liner going over entire pan may try that. I have two cats who were started with flushable litter.Now live where septic tank does not allow the litter. Cats use to clean litter and come to me vocalizing greatly when one has used the litter. Scoop,scoop.

  2. It’s a real battle with the mfgs. on these products. One company, “Exquisicat,” makes so-called “sifting liners.” Unknowingly, I bought a box that said it had “20 liners.” (Sorry for the quote marks; you’ll see why in a minute). The box had 30″ x 17″ liners for my 23″x16″ box. I brought them home, opened up the box (more about that in a minute), and was astonished to find two vacuum-packed packages, each of which contained a 10-layer sandwich of liners, every single one of them hole-punched but the last one. The idea is you take the 10-layer sandwich, place it in the litter box, then fill the box with litter. At the end of every day, you grab the upper-most layer, lift, and let drain ALL OF THE LITTER through the punched holes down to the next layer, leaving only the No. 1 and No. 2 solids if you’re using clumping litter. (I didn’t know these products existed; I only focused on the liner size.) After seeing what was there, then figuring out how they work, here’s the deal: You put the multi-layer product in the box. You fill with litter. Every day, you lift the upper layer and let it drain, then toss it in the trash. Day two, repeat. And so and so on. After day 9, you lift the solid bottom w/the remaining litter and toss it. You have now left TEN layers of plastic with cat waste in the bin. That is an ecological nightmare of plastic waste, plus, you might not be able to place the box close to the the bin, meaning that the trip to the bin will leave droppings through the liner holes for you to sweep up after you’re done. Every. single. day. And if there are only two 10-layer packages, you end up spending $30 PER MONTH on litter liners. Oh, and Exquisicat product boxes are sealed with melted plastic on three layers. You need a serrated knife to cut through that plastic nightmare if you have the strength. If you’re old/weak, don’t even try it without wearing gardening gloves.

  3. Hi!

    I’m thinking of dropping the liner completely unless I could find one that fit my cat box perfectly and has seams in the corners. I’ve come upon a great way to clean the box, but the liner, the way it’s constructed, has part of the plastic at the bottom coming up and getting litter under it, which frustrates my method. Not a hole, but the way the liner is constructed to fit into its package (a fold goes across the bottom). Now, I have lots of excess around the sides, so the liner might be too big. The brand I use is sophresh XL.

    I never would use a drawstring. I use Arm and Hammer Absorbix, and I put enough in to use gravity and the way the stuff cascades to locate the litter buggers and remove them with the metal slotted spoon I use. Don’t even get me started with the only scoops I can find in stores that are plastic with sharp right angles. I “change the liner” rather than the box, with unclumped litter being reused, because my cats often do there stuff against the liner and it’s never really clean after that. I’m going to do further research including measuring all the dimensions of my cat box and then seeing what’s out there. Thanks for your site.


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